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Shipping and Returns Bandua Wargames

Point 1 - Shipping

Wargames Bandua sends all protected and prepared to arrive in optimal conditions orders. If the order you receive is defective or has been damaged on the way , we will refund the money order or damaged products . 

Point 2 - Returns

We accept returns of our products provided that the following conditions are met:

   1. That they have been received in poor condition or are defective ..
   2. Who have not passed 7 days from receipt of product.
   3. The product is in its original packaging.

Upon receipt of the merchandise in our stores , and after checking the status of it , we will proceed to refund the amount according to the method of payment by the customer. Shipping costs will be reimbursed .

To make your return , please contact us at:

Point 3 - Shipping and packaging costs

Shipments will be sent by courier or by mail
The final cost of each delivery depend on the area to send the customer always being informed before finalizing the purchase process and having all the information within your reach before ordering confrmar
Shipping will be insured and bears the costs of packaging, and never depend on the weight of the order
Bandua Wargames can make temporary campaigns to reduce these costs the customer always being informed

Point 4 - Products on request

Shipping conditions are maintained except that the delivery will be from the arrival of the product to the place , the time for the customer maximum 3 weeks delivery.

Shipping Cost

exclusive shipping products Bandua

The price for sending Wargames Bandua own products is as follows:


Over +100€
Peninsula: 3€ FREE
Baleares, Ceuta y Melilla: 10€ 5€
Canarias: 15€ 15€
Europe 10€ FREE
Rest of the World: 30€ 15€

Standard shipping products

The price for standard shipping is as follows Bandua Wargames:

Envío de Bandua

Over +100€
Peninsula: 4,5€ FREE
Baleares, Ceuta y Melilla: 15€ 10€
Canarias: 15€ 15€
Europe 10€ FREE
Rest of the world: 35€ 35€


You can pick up your purchase at our facility if you have also selected during the process. . We will notify you when your order is ready for pickup
The direction for the collection is as follows:

Bandua Wargames

Rua Castelao 28 Baixo B

27001 - Lugo